Have you ever thought about fire?

I mean like really thought about it, observed its properties, and applied your observations.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and I’ve decided that fire has 5 main properties, and they are as follows:

  • Fire burns

This is the obvious one. Fire, by nature, burns. It’s also hot. If you come in contact with it, you’re going to feel some discomfort, at the very least.

I’m not stating the obvious arbitrarily. I want you to think about it.

Do you ever get a “fire” inside of you? Could be about anything. In my own case, my “fire” is my faith. This is the thing that I am passionate about, to the point where I’m uncomfortable when I’m not acting on my faith.

It is “burning” inside me.

  • Fire begins with a spark

All fire is caused by a spark. That is the way it is.

Those of us that have a “fire” within us have experienced the spark. This is when you first get a feel for something that is going to change your entire life.

For example, the “spark” of my faith was getting saved. That caused the first feeling of Christ living in me. Since then, the “fire” has only grown more and more.

You can’t have fire without a spark. When your “fire” is raging, it is important to give others the “spark”, so that they might feel the same life changing passion as you are feeling.

  • Fire consumes

If you put something into a fire, it is going to burn. The fire will consume it.

Similarly, my “fire” consumes me. It consumes my time, my patience, and my mental fortitude.

My faith gives me such immense joy, and it has completely changed me from the life I was living before I was saved.

It has “consumed”me.

  • Fire spreads

If a fire starts, and has things that it can consume near it, it is going to spread and consume those things. If it is left unsupervised, it can get out of control very quickly.

This is just like the “fires” inside us. If they are given enough of our time, thought, and effort, they will eventually spread throughout our entire being, and it will become the passion that keeps us going.

Further, “fires” spread to other people. When a “fire” is raging within you, others can sense your passion, and they will pick up on it as well. The fire spreads, and repeats the process in that other person.

  • Finally, fire keeps us warm

This is my favorite characteristic of fire. When I’m camping, and I get cold, I start a fire. We have a fire place in our house, which provides warmth. Fire has been used for centuries to keep people warm.

Our “fires” inside us keep us warm! They give us comfort. When things aren’t going our way, we can fall back onto our passion to provide joy and happiness.

I was fortunate enough to find my “fire” at a very young age.

Many people are still struggling with finding theirs.

Some people have a “fire”, but it is a harmful one.

I’ll close with a question.

What is your “fire”?


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